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Your generosity towards this ministry will help Vincent J. Stevens Ministries and Teaching The Word to continue it's mission of teaching the word to influence the world. More specifically, your financial support will allow us to continue our broadcasts to over 25 states and 40 countries across the globe.

As our thanks to you for partnering with Teaching the Word and Pastor Vincent J. Stevens, we'll send you one of two messages from Pastor Stevens titled "Exercising Your Spiritual Authority", or "Where Are The Men?".

In "Exercising Your Spiritual Authority", Pastor Stevens teaches from 2 Timothy 1, where Paul has some very direct instructions that he writes to Timothy, pastor to the church of Ephesus but first and foremost, his spiritual son. Paul wanted to make sure that Timothy was able to endure, withstand, and be steadfast despite life's opposition. This epistle provides encouragement to all believers to continue in the ministry of the church which is to encourage and continue to build up the Saints.

In "Where Are The Men?", Pastor Stevens teaches a powerful message to all men. He talks about the imbalance of a church when men do not live up to their God-given responsibility. The restoration of the church and of the family lies in the hands of men.